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Electric power generation solution from a photovoltaic generation plant. In this type of solution a photovoltaic plant sized according to the consumption in KWh monthly average of the client is installed.

Grid-Tie Solution (Connected to the network).

This type of grid-connected solution is mainly used to reduce the amount of electrical energy taken from the grid thanks to photovoltaic generation finally reducing the electric bills of your house, the system is designed to produces all the electricity during daylight hours, but the energy required 24 hours a day, this solution takes advantage of mechanisms such as the recovery of surpluses to compensate (netmetering) the others monthly consumption during the nigth or high demand periods, this makes the system have the best financial return.

Mini-Grid Solution (Connected or disconnected to the network with battery backup).

This type of solution, in addition to offering the same benefits as the additional Grid-Tie, has energy backup in batteries to withstand nighttime consumption and during power failures during the day. In this way, the electricity consumption of the conventional network becomes a complementary support and the consumption from the network is minimized. The cost-benefit ratio of this solution depends on the need to have a specific energy backup, given requirements such as comfort, safety, criticality of the load or demand control.

Normally the production capacity of the batteries is used to power critical loads for the residence such as security, lighting, refrigeration or vital supply.


Implementation plan: A study is carried out with the objective of covering the energy requirements at the percentage of substitution that the client requires. (Grid-tie or Mini-Grid)

  1. Self-consumption: A photovoltaic plant is designed and installed to supply partial or the total consumption of the location. 

Sistema solar para la casa
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