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Electric power generation solution from a photovoltaic generation plant. In this type of solution a photovoltaic plant sized according to the consumption in KWh monthly average of the client is installed.

Grid-Tie solution (connected to the network).

This type of grid-connected solution is mainly used to reduce the amount of electrical energy taken from the grid thanks to photovoltaic generation. To maintain the availability of electrical energy at night, a system is designed that produces all the electricity during daylight hours. energy required 24 hours a day, this solution takes advantage of mechanisms such as the recovery of surpluses to eliminate the monthly consumption charge, this makes the system have the best financial return.


Grid-tie Battery Backup Solution (Connected to the network with battery backup).

This type of solution, in addition to offering the same benefits of the additional Grid-Tie, has energy backup in batteries to supply night consumption, during failures of the conventional electrical network during the day, in addition to reducing the impact on rates during peak loads. (demand response mechanisms). This reduces consumption from the conventional network, the load on local transformers and additional charges for consumption at peak hours. The cost-benefit ratio of this solution depends on the need for 24/7 energy support given the return that energy availability offers in the economic activity that is carried out.

Typically the production capacity of batteries is used to power critical loads for business or vital supply strategy.


Hybrid Solution (Disconnected from the network with battery backup and / or diesel generation).

This type of solution is used when there is no possibility of connecting to a conventional network or there is a low availability network. It offers electrical supply from the photovoltaic plant during the day and the night supply comes from the backup in a diesel generator and / or high capacity batteries. The cost-benefit ratio of this solution depends on the need for 24/7 energy support and the load that you want to support at night according to criticality and financial return. (Usually used in isolated facilities like mining, military, isolated communities, camps)

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